Tweaks of the high fidelity preamplifier Audioplan Homogen (old model)

We're talking about the preamplifier Audioplan Homogen which was in fact manufactured by B&K Electronics in the U.S.A. and which was sold by Audioplan in Germany in the mid eighties using the Audioplan brand name.
Please note that in the mid nineties Audioplan sold a new preamplifier with the same name, but that was a completely different model and (probably) manufactured somewhere in Southeast Europe (but that is just hearsay).

To all electrolytic capacitors within the signal path a smaller MKT foil capcitors will be connected in parallel to improve the high frequency behaviour. The operational amplifiers within the AF signal path will be replaced by better ones (even just this results in a noticable improvement). The power supply regulation within the external power supply will be removed and be replaced by a better regulation within the preamplifier housing.

All modifications are done on your own risk and lead to the cancellation of any warranty.

The modifications in detail:

Have fun listening to your new preamplifier. The gain in sound quality is quite noticable and also depends on the type of the operational amplifiers.


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