Index of i686-bin

The following binaries are compiled under SuSE 10.0. Older binary distributions compiled under SuSE 7.3 or RedHat 7.3 are in i386-linux.

audio2text (gziped 25 kB): convert audio file into text file
audioinfo (gziped 13 kB): print information about WAV file
calctoc (gziped 12 kB): create CD TOC file suitable for cdrdao
corr (gziped 31 kB): calculate a correlation from a WAV file
mlscorr (gziped 35 kB): calculate a fast correlation from a MLS WAV file
ft (gziped 42 kB): calculate a fourier transformation from a WAV file
gensig (gziped 58 kB): create test signals as WAV file
mpegcut (gziped 15 kB): cut and paste MPEG (MP3) files
mpeginfo (gziped 8 kB): print information about MPEG files
pcm2wav (gziped 25 kB): read PCM and write multiple WAV files
wav2text (gziped 27 kB): convert WAV file into text file
wavavg (gziped 25 kB): extract and average part of a WAV file
wavcut (gziped 36 kB): cut and paste WAV files
wavinfo (gziped 23 kB): print information about WAV file
wavspec (gziped 48 kB): plot spectrum of audio (wav, mp3, mp+, ogg, pac) file
wavstat (gziped 41 kB): plot statistical data of audio (wav, mp3, mp+, ogg, pac) files

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