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This is a copy of Craig Starks DIY Audio pages extracted from the Web Archive as of 23rd October 1999. All text found below the twin line is written by Craig Stark.

3/11/99: It's been several months since again the last update. I know many of you have sent me links to add & I appologize for the delay. Unfortunately, maintaining the page is low-down on an increasingly long to-do list. In fact, I have thought of pulling the plug on the page a number of times, and were it not for the amount of positive feedback I've gotten (and the fact that I just found out we're at 400 hits/day) I might have dropped it instead of putting in this update. Anyway, I've weeded out some old links and will put in a number of new ones in the next few days. Enjoy!

As you might have guessed from the title, this page is meant to be a reference for the DIY audio community. Currently, it consists of a large number of useful links that I've compiled as well as a section dedicated to project materials you can download. If you've got links or projects to contribute, or if you have some feedback for me, please e-mail me and let me know so the page can grow and become more useful. And now, on with the show... 


Loudspeaker parts dealers

Loudspeaker info

Electronics parts and audio kit retailers

Audio test equipment

Electronic parts companies

All these sites make data sheets available to users and are an incredibly useful. Many also have supplemental application notes and device models. For example, ever want to know how to use the LM12 80W op-amp from National? Most sites use the Adobe Acrobat format for their data sheets. If you don't have a viewer (or plug-in for Netscape 2.0 95 or NT), you can download Acrobat for free.

Other electronics resources



There are a number of excellent software tools out there for both the Mac and PC platforms (and a few for UNIX). I know there are more than I've listed below (especially for the Mac since the current count is 1). I'm stuck in my ways and haven't hunted around recently for shareware / freeware much. Let me know what you use and where to find it and I'll put it up here so others can find it as well.

Projects on-line

Usenet newsgroups

Research-related pages


Other audio-related web pages

Support Person

Craig Stark / stark@whoville.ucsd.edu

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